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Tongues Untied by Marlon RIggs

The New Black Documentary

Published on Jun 27, 2013

http://www.democracynow.org - We continue our coverage of gay marriage and equal rights with a new film that explores the divisions among African-Americans on the issue of marriage equality. Despite longstanding opposition from church leadership, the documentary looks at how the black church played a critical role in the passage of the Maryland vote upholding marriage equality in 2012. Set to air on PBS next year, "The New Black" has just won the audience award at AFI Docs and this weekend plays at Frameline, the nation's largest LGBT film festival, in San Francisco. We're joined by the film's director, Yoruba Richen. "The black church is a big factor in Maryland," Richen says. "[After] they really engaged, I think that's how come you saw the outcome in Maryland, which for the first time the public voted to uphold marriage equality."

Interested in being a part of the planning of Chicago's first SGL Center for people of African descent on the south-side. 

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